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Welcome to HANNON Fitness.
You're probably here because you want to get in shape once and for all. Maybe you've tried it on your own or even worked with a coach but in any case, you've never really found something that "sticks"
We're not like the rest
Most other fitness companies out there want you to fit into their way of doing things. At Hannon Fitness I build programs around your lifestyle and training preferences meaning that you are doing what works for you, not someone else.
Constant support and guidance
Just like any endeavor; education, direction, focus and consistency are what will win. I provide all this by staying in regular contact with you to ensure that your questions are answered when you need them answered. 
Remove the noise
Fitness can be a tricky thing to figure out. It seems that there is always some new idea coming out that's better than the rest. I'll help to educate you so that you're not spending hours on the web trying to figure it all out.
Save money
Personal training can easily cost up to $1000 a month. With my online system, you can get amazing results for less than one third of that.
Take the next step
Click "FREE TRANSFORMATION SESSION" above to start getting on the road to fitness. If you're like me and just want to talk to somebody, click "ASK ME ANYTHING" say hello and I'll get back to you.

Click on "articles" to get educated on various aspects of health and fitness. And if there is anything that you want to ask about strength, muscle building, fat loss, sports conditioning or who's going to win the premier league, just click "get in touch" and I'll get right back to you as soon as I can.... Seriously, I'll give you free advice. Try it.

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Workout Compilation

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