• Robbie Hannon

Warren's Story

I have always been pretty active. I ran competitively for many years and, to be honest, I was pretty good at it. So running has always been my exercise of choice.

My career has been guided by my other passion; music. I’m a double bass player and have been a member of the VSO bass section since 1974.

I enjoy and value exercise and, being a teacher myself, I know the impact a good coach can have on our progress so I have hired many fitness trainers over the years.

In September 2013 I was having trouble with my shoulder. It had been bothering me for some time and it was steadily getting worse. The movement was becoming restricted to the point where it spread to my upper back and neck and I wasn’t even able to look over my shoulder. This was a big problem when driving and starting to be a problem with my bass playing too.

I had just finished up with a trainer in California, where I would go to visit my mother, and I was on the lookout for a new trainer in Vancouver. I needed someone who could help me stay in shape, teach me proper exercise technique but, most importantly, be able to address my shoulder issues.

I didn’t need a friend, I needed a coach. As I would work out in my local gym, I would observe the trainers to see if any stood out to me or looked like they would be a good fit. Then, one day while I was on the treadmill, I noticed a trainer who was very attentive to the client he was working with. He looked serious, I liked that. I was impressed by how he watched his client train and how he would help them do the exercises correctly. It wasn’t drill sergeant, bootcamp style but it was professional and deliberate. I like to make sure my money is being well spent so I thought that this trainer would suit me well.

We started working together the following week. I initially started with 6 sessions but soon decided that this training and trainer was something I wanted to stick with for much longer. It wasn’t long before my shoulder started to feel much better. I had regained freedom in my movement and I was gaining new confidence in my music career and longevity. Six and a half years on and we have worked through running injuries, personal setbacks, weight loss and more. This is down to Robbie’s excellent coaching and my own commitment to my health, fitness and well being.

Although my goals of maintaining the ability to run and play music without restriction remain, I have new aspirations now too. One is to keep my body and mind in top condition as I approach the challenging, later years of life. Judging by how many people have commented on how good I look on stage while playing my instrument, I’d say I’m doing pretty good with this. I am constantly told I don’t look my age which is clearly a result of my six and a half years of dedicated work.

I would encourage anyone who needs some help, has an injury, wants to move better and generally achieve maximum health benefits to seriously consider hiring a trainer. If you need a recommendation, I know a good one.




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