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I know that there are a lot of options out there for fitness advice. A ton of trainers telling you that they are the one. It's hard to know who to believe and even if hiring a trainer is right for you.

Hopefully, reading through these testimonials, from real people that worked with me personally, you can make a more informed decision.


Robbie has been my personal trainer since Sept 2013. I had a potentially career ending injury (I was unable to turn to my right side and look back). I noticed a trainer guiding his client in a determined and knowledgeable manner. I thought maybe he could help me.

I began working with Robbie weekly. It was clear he prepared each lesson with specific exercises to address my injury.   After 3 months my shoulder was becoming flexible.  It is now completely healed.  I am successful as a musician and my career knows no limits due to my work ethic and superb trainer. - WARREN


Robbie is not only an extraordinary personal trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline, but he is also a lot of FUN! He brings creativity and originality to each session. Robbie is lazer sharp in his ability to identify and determine individual needs, and he always finds a way to design and adjust instruction.


(Robbie) has extensive knowledge of body mechanics and muscle function which increases the depth and efficiency of each session. His incredible dedication as a trainer is matched by his desire to educate his clients with the knowledge and skill set to make their lives better – both healthier and happier! - ERIN




I started to train with Robbie in Dec 2016 when I was looking for a kickboxing trainer. Robbie is THE REAL DEAL. He is a great technical teacher and the best personal trainer I’ve had. His workouts are challenging, fun and varied. Most importantly Robbie has redefined the purpose of training for me to the the point where going gym is no longer a task,  it has become an absolutely enjoyable and fun part of my life.


I could never imagine a day would come that I would actually look forward to hitting the gym and punching bags after a long stressful day at work.  Robbie brings his A game to every session, he is highly passionate and disciplined about what he does. Training with Robbie= RESULTS - RODY

Before I started working with Robbie, I had never done any form of weightlifting before, thinking it was too intimidating and simply out of reach. Robbie quickly showed me that didn't have to be the case- his encouragement, expertise and patience made my transition into a more active lifestyle feel enjoyable and rewarding. 


On my first session, I was self-conscious about my own ability, but Robbie's consistently level-headed and encouraging attitude immediately assuaged those doubts. He has been able to continually gauge and tailor exercises on the fly in a way that is specific to my fitness level but also challenges me to improve, ever since that first session.


As a beginner, there was a lot I needed to learn about how to do the movements properly and why. Robbie's experience and knowledge shone through in this regard, always ensuring I learned each exercise safely and with proper form. He also has been exceptionally patient with all the questions I have as I continue to learn the reasoning and nuances behind each exercise. 


I never thought I would be the type of person who looks forward to and enjoys waking up early to go to the gym, but that's where I am today. I look forward to my sessions with Robbie because I trust his experience and I know he's always ready to support and challenge my fitness goals. - KENARD




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