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Do you keep waiting until you're ready but never seem to be? _ Do you start doing something but then wonder if it's even the right thing to do? _ Did you get some workouts in but are now wondering if it's worth the effort? _ Do you sit on the couch contemplating whether or not to exercise until the time passes and then it's too late? _ You're not alone. You're definitely not alone. And you're probably not as lazy as you think. You're going through what everyone goes through when they're starting out. _ There's resistance because you're undergoing a test. A test of discipline. A test of doing what you said you would even when you don't want to. _ I only want to workout about half the time. The other half is always a struggle against myself. But I never regret doing it. _ So, unfortunately, there's no magic fix to this motivation malarkey. But in a way, that's a good thing because doing difficult things feels good when you're done. Plus you strengthen your ability to do what you said you would even when you don't want to. _ I can't help you off the couch but I can definitely help you to know what to do and make sure that you're efforts are getting you somewhere. If you want me to point you in the right direction, drop a DM and let me know what you're struggling with.

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